Wedding Events

4:30PM Wedding Ceremony Westin Hotel, Outdoor Party Tent

We're getting married!

5:00PM Cocktail Reception Outdoor Tent

After the wedding ceremony, let's mingle around. It's also time to check-in for the dinner banquet.

6:00PM Wedding Banquet Ballroom

Let's celebrate together!

9:30PM After-Party Outdoor Tent

It's party time! We encourage everyone to grab some drinks and get out on the dance floor. Don't be shy. We're all family and friends.

The Couple!




Wei's parent




Erin's Parent

Our Story

The fun fact we (Wei and Erin) met in the desert. In 2014 winter, at the most thankful moment of the year - Thanksgiving holiday, the time that most of the international students are so excited about this long weekend. We are no exceptions. We both joined a mutual friend's planned trip with twelve other folks. The trip to US famous desert national park - Joshua Tree National Park. And that is the first time we met and get to know each other. We started texting, dating and finally getting together. In the past three years, we both grow organically from studetns to tax payer, from student visa to green card holder, from Los Angeles to Seattle. We have been through a lot, traveled a lot and share a lot. Here, we decide to tie our knots and get to the next journey of our life. We would like to invite all of you to join and celebrate this wonderful momennt in our life.

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